Curated List of Resources to Learn Product Design​

Product Disrupt is a huge resource, which contains curated stories, resources, design inspiration, and more!

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Product design resources

,re you interested in product design? At Product Disrupt (PD) you can find some of the very best resources on this topic. You can find freshly curated stories, resources, influencers, best practices, inspiration, and much more.

PD Blogs

Reading these blogs curated by Product Disrupt will keep you informed and full of great ideas. It will also help you learn more about product design, the business of creativity, building a follower base, running a studio, etc.

PD Podcasts

Activities like commuting to work, washing the dishes, working out in the gym, running in the park, taking a shower, etc. leave us the opportunity to listen to useful podcasts. Why not use it to listen to some of the top product design and business specialists?

PD Newsletters

On social platforms, we can no longer choose whose content we see. It’s all controlled by the algorithms which could fill our newsfeeds with videos of cute and funny cats, which we all adore, but watching them, they don’t really help become better product designers. Newsletters cut through all those issues and allow us to have a direct connection with the author. Hence, one of the best opportunities to get quality content.

PD YouTube Channels

These YouTube channels dive deeper into the product design process, interviews with seasoned designers, discoveries, and expert stories of the creatives to keep you inspired and up-to-date with the best practices.

PD Designers

Product Disrupt has gathered designers who openly share their work and the learnings they’ve gathered in their successful versatile careers. Following their work will help you become a much better designer.

PD Makers

Makers are those who believe in getting their products out rather than drooling over pixels. The best way according to me to improve a digital product is by putting it out in the open. The work of these people will get you motivated.

PD Entrepreneurs

These are some successful people who have built successful businesses. They share their insights on Twitter and other social media platforms to help fellow entrepreneurs develop in their respective career paths.

PD Studios and agencies 

These studios are known to produce amazing work by collaborating with their clients. By making an in-depth analysis of their case studies and social streams, they will let you see some of the best practices and will help you gather some great ideas.

PD Communities

The path of design often gets hard but you don’t have to face difficulties all by yourself. Designers are a fortunate group for they’ve got incredible support in social groups. Product Disrupt gathers some of the best online communities in the sphere. 

PD Inspiration

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have” Maya Angelou. To produce creative stuff, we need to be surrounded by creative stuff. Inspiration does just that. Product Disruptive has gathered websites that will keep your creativity only increasing. 

And so much more. Check it out now!


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