Top relax sounds for focus and productivity

Choosing the right environment plays a huge role in good productivity and rest. Pleasant lighting, a comfortable chair, a favorite flower on the desk, and a cup of aromatic coffee can make your work more enjoyable and efficient.

But aren’t we missing something?

Yes! Sounds play a huge role in our focus and concentration! They will make the picture perfect. In fact, a significant role in the ideal work environment is the background micro-audio sounds influencing our perception as a whole.

I will leave the aromatic coffee, the comfortable chair, and the flower to you, and in the following lines, we from will take care of the background music. For this purpose, we have selected the best:

The best free web services offer music for relaxation, perfect for concentration, creativity, relaxation, and rest.

1. SoundLove is magic!


soundlove sounds

SoundLove is probably the most complex instrument, providing sounds and music for relaxation that will help you be more productive.

Through it, you will be able to work while you feel like you are in the woods, in front of the crackling hearth, outside in the rain, in the jungle, at the ocean, in the restaurant, in the café, at the stadium, and everywhere else.

If you need to feel as if you are in your favorite environment, this is the site that you must keep in your bookmarks!

Check out SoundLove here. But it is not the only one! There are also other great ones!

2. Defonic – relaxation sounds from the environment and not only from nature.

defonic sounds

Just click on one of the icons symbolizing the type of noise you want to hear. Defonic will play a sound that will make you relax and concentrate,

Everything on this site looks very stylish. For even greater convenience, has a day and night mode. On the site, you will also find stunning themed video landscapes, accompanying the background music.They will take you to the forest, the beach, the library, or the cozy cafe. Check Defonic here.

3. Coffitivity – Some prefer to work in silence, others play music.

coffivity sounds

Some prefer to work in silence, others play music. However, scientists advise working with low background noise from a cafe.

It is said that this type of noise leads to maximum concentration and productivity. And although, at first, you will not think so, let it play for 5 minutes. Then you will admit that there is something true in this theory.

Try Coffitivity here. 

4. – Quite a simple but quality product! sounds

When you open, you will find yourself on the beautiful shore of the ocean with its typical background sound. 

You can change this option to another one from the left menu and switch to the waterfall, in the woods, on the mountain top – there are more than a dozen options.

Try here

5. – this site offers an original idea.

youarelisteningto sounds

The resource creators of believe that the best thing for good focus is background noises from various emergency services and police from major American cities.

We can also choose a sound from an airport or even calls from NASA space stations. We can also embed our own background sounds.

Check out

6. Noisli – It’s time for our favorite, our reason to write this post.

noisli sounds

When working, instead of music or your favorite silence, you can open Noisli and press the Productivity button.

This service combines several background noises that definitely help you concentrate and work with full focus.

If you get tired of the combination, press the same button again, and another background noise is immediately offered. If you want to listen to the popping logs in your imaginary fireplace, select the appropriate icon for this. And if you want it to rain, click on the rain symbol.

The options are many, and they are all great! 

And while this site is a lot like Defonic, which we talked about above, it’s maybe even better.

In general, which of the two services you choose is a matter of personal choice. Whichever you pick, you will certainly feel comfortable! Try Noisli here.

7. A Soft Murmur – Bring romance into your life

asoftmurmur sounds

If you have invited a girl at home, you can open A Soft Murmur. Click on the icon for thunder and rain, pull the curtains, and hide the laptop somewhere.

I think you will provide a clichéd but quite practical reason to “get closer”! If you want to feel like in a noisy café or enjoy the singing birds, you have the option to do so.

This site will provide you with a palette of pleasant sounds with the options to combine them, adjust the volume, and last but not least, use a convenient timer. With the timer you can start or stop playing a certain sound after a certain amount of time. Check out A Soft Murmur here

Well, it’s your turn!

What do you like listening to while working? It would be great to share your favorite music for work and relaxation. The easiest way to do so is through the comments box below.

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