Top 6 tools

After welcoming the New Year 2023, I would like to load you with 6 useful, new and quite interesting tools for you to look at and keep (possibly) if you decide that they can work for you.

Here’s our weekly roundup:

1. Beehiiv – a platform for creating (paid) newsletter



Beehiiv was introduced in 2021 by Tyler Denk, a former product manager at Google, and Benjamin Hargett.

The platform’s main objective, according to the founders, is to make it simple for you to create, expand, and monetize your newsletter. The “most creator-friendly newsletters platform” is what Beehiiv bills itself as.

Despite being very new, Beehiiv already serves as a respectable mailing platform and has the potential to one day dominate the market.

Additionally, Beehive is considerably more comprehensive than traditional email software due to its extensive capabilities for landing page development, blogging, and monetization. Try Beehiiv here

2. Tally – Online Form and Survey Builder (Alternative to Typeform and Google Forms)


Tally is probably our favorite from this list because in addition to being a free alternative to TypeForm, this tool will also provide you with a very strong list of ready-made templates for surveys, forms and surveys you may use. 

Maybe one of the simplest methods for making free forms. Without needing to learn how to code, quickly and for free you can easily create any type of form.

Why would you use it instead of Google Forms? Tally is free, simple, and quick. There are no difficult settings, toggles, or menus. Adaptable to any type of form. Incorporate text and images in between the questions. Transmit form submissions to your other tools. Try out Tally here

3. Wirestock – the easiest way to sell your photos, videos and graphics


Wirestock is like a marketplace for photographers, artists and videographers, where they can all sell their work from one place on the most popular platforms.

Upload and sell content on the world’s largest image and video stock websites like Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, Alamy and others. Without the need for keywords or descriptions, submit your visuals in a couple of seconds. Check out Wirestock here

4. massCode – Free code snippets organizer with HTML preview


This is another personal favorite of ours that we recently installed.

In addition to being free – there are multiple options for organizing code snippets.

It works super fast and it’s very comfortable to work with.

There are options for different views, including dark mode. Try it out here

5. Zuddl Studio – Create, Record, Stream Video

Zuddl Studio

Zuddl Studio enables you to produce, record and stream studio-quality video content, saving over 75% production costs and time per year (or so claim its creators).

This tool is basically a virtual video studio in one place.

Maybe that’s why it’s not cheap at all, but it promises to save you a lot of money in post production. I’m sharing it with you to see what an app of this category and loaded with so many features can do. Check out Zuddl here

6. Token Terminal – a platform that collects and organizes blockchain data

Token Terminal

Token Terminal monitors key financial metrics for blockchain systems. These measurements are meant to be equivalent to well-known financial indicators like the price-to-earnings ratio and earnings per share.

They utilize the blockchains’ transparency to access data, curate it into advice that investors and users of crypto apps can use, and examine cryptoassets via the prism of conventional financial and commercial measures. The platform was introduced in July 2020 and currently has more than 15,000 active users each month. So if you are interested in crypto, definitely check it out. And if you want to learn crypto fundamentals. You can follow the Crypto Fireside blog for educational information on the matter.

We hope you enjoy this list of tools!

Share in a comment if you have come across something interesting and useful.

Greetings and see you soon!

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