Get the perfect colour combination in your creatives

Huetone will tell you which colour suits you best. 



If you aim to get the right colour combination in your creatives (we recommend you to keep this a priority), then this tool will help you a lot!

It’s the tool you need to create and fine-tune your colour system. It will tell you which colour suits you best.

Huetone can help you create more accessible colour palettes by using an advanced contrast perception algorithm. Contrast ratios and colour combinations are displayed on one screen to help you quickly develop palettes and combinations. In addition, the tool has shortcuts that make it easy to change shades, switch and adjust.

In terms of contrasts, colour systems should be predictable. It makes them simple to operate. Your palette is effectively created if you can easily replace “blue-500” with “orange-500.”

Huetone helps you build such systems by visualizing your palette and contrasts between colours.

For visualization, Huetone uses LCH colour space.
LCH stands for Lightness, Chroma, and Hue.
Unlike RGB or HSL, it is perceptually uniform and covers all the colours a human can see.

We are still limited to our RGB monitors, and some colours will be undisplayable.

You can then export everything to Figma, for example, or use your colours in Canva or Photoshop.

There is also a bunch of small things that simplify work with Huetone:

  • hotkeys
  • editable slots to check contrasts
  • unique URLs for every palette

Soon it is going to become open source.

The amazing Alexey Ardov from SEMrush created the tool.

Check it out now!

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