Pexels App 2.0 – Over 3 Million Free Photos And Video Clips In One Application

Pexels gives you unlimited access to over 3 million free stock photos and videos with a high resolution – now available, anywhere that you go, you can find everything you need. Pexels App 2.0 is fully redesigned and improved


Pexels - Over 3 million free photos and video clips in one application

Pexels was created in 2014 with less than a thousand free photos. Now it has filled its base with millions of stock photos and videos. You can see in the new Pexels App 2.0 amazing content that is contributed by their engaged community every day.

What can you use Pexels for? For everything: social media, wallpapers, marketing campaigns, your websites, blogs, apps, presentations, print materials, and others.

More about what is allowed and what is now you can read here.

It is perfect for low-budget startups, small businesses, and freelancers.

All images and videos in Pexels are protected under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. All photos are well tagged, searchable, and also easy to find through their discovery pages.

It’s fascinating how this quality of content is shared for free. Just imagine how many amateur and professional photographers around the world are making photos and videos just for fun, without any idea behind it.

These guys are the essence of what product hunters are trying to do: make an idea they care about, build and grow it day after day and connect it to the sense at the end, making it meaningful in the end.

Check out all these great photos and videos now!

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Over just the last twelve months they have:

  • Upscaled their library to over 3 million photos

  • Improved their number of videos to over 160 thousand

  • Upgraded their search algorithm, which leads to quite better results

Some of the best upgrades of their new app are:

  • Better app design

  • You can add content to it from any other app

  • Participate in photo and video challenges and win awards

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