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Alternatives to famous apps and tools

We all often need ideas for some tools, SaaS, or apps and their alternatives.

AlternativeTo is a free service that helps you find better alternatives to the products you need, love and hate. And most often – products which you can’t afford.

It helps you find apps and software for Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android, Android Tablets, Web Apps, Online, Windows Tablets, and more.

AlternativeTo includes alternatives to web-based software, desktop software, and mobile apps, and sorts them by a variety of factors, including the number of registered users who have hit the “Like” button for each one on AlternativeTo.

Users can use the site to locate better alternatives to applications they are now using or have previously used, including free alternatives such as a free web application (cloud computing) that requires no installation and can be accessed from any browser.

The site is originally Swedish, but all the lists of alternatives are crowd-sourced and that’s what makes the data powerful and relevant.

Unlike many other software directory websites, the software is not organized into categories; instead, each piece of software has its own list of options, allowing for a more personalized listing approach. Users can also find software by searching by tag, which is another approach to locating related applications. Users can also narrow their search by focusing on specific platforms and license types (such as “free for non-commercial use”).

AlternativeTo includes basic information such as platform and license type at the top of each entry but does not provide comparison tables that compare program capabilities.

Anyone can register on AlternativeTo and offer new alternatives, as well as update information about current listings. Suggestions and changes are considered before they are made public. It is possible to register using Facebook Connect or OpenID, which eliminates the need to generate a new password for the site.

As AlternativeTo is itself a web application, it even has a page for alternatives to itself.

There are descriptions, prices, features, and reviews.

This tool will save you a lot of time researching, searching, and asking which app, SaaS, or tool to use for your next task.

Tell us know what you think. We hope this will be useful for many of you.

Some of the most searched alternatives are: 

Not all email sequences are capable of converting customers. We’ve hand-selected sequences from leading SaaS companies including:

  • Asana alternatives
  • DocuSign alternatives
  • Dropbox alternatives
  • Lucidchart alternatives
  • Salesforce alternatives
  • SAP alternatives
  • Shopify alternatives
  • Adobe Photoshop alternatives
  • Netflix alternatives
  • Adobe Illustrator alternatives
  • Adobe Premiere Pro alternatives
  • YouTube alternatives
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader DC alternatives
  • Adobe After Effects alternatives
  • Google Chrome alternatives
  • Microsoft Word alternatives
  • Spotify alternatives
  • Grand Theft Auto alternatives
  • Minecraft alternatives
  • WhatsApp alternatives
  • Autodesk AutoCAD alternatives
  • Chatroulette alternatives
  • Rufus alternatives
  • Stremio alternatives
  • Z-Library alternatives
  • CooMeet alternatives
  • Procreate alternatives
  • Filelinked alternatives
  • OBS Studio alternatives
  • GoodNotes alternatives
  • Postman alternatives
  • Canva alternatives
  • Zoom alternatives

and many more!

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